Mindful Consulting

Producing Results by Building Strong, Inspiring and Happy Organizations

Strategic Planning for an inspiring culture

Strategic Plan - Vision for the future, culture, mission & purpose, values, principles A solid strategic plan will help you navigate the rough waters of business.

During strategic planning sessions, we look at various core factors impacting the direction and growth of your business and the level of employee engagement driving your business results.

We help you set clear and resonant goals and objectives that are aligned with and support your new inspiring vision. We make sure that accountabilities are aligned with people’s strengths and passions and a realistic timeframe is agreed upon.

When will a strategic plan help?

  • When your business is at a cross roads. You need to decide which direction to take and you need a new perspective.
  • When your organization is growing at a faster pace than you imagined. You want to build a strong foundation with an inspiring culture.
  • When your business is at a standstill. You are at a loss as to how to re-ignite the passion you and your team once felt.
  • Although business is good, you know it’s time for you and your management team to take a good look at your current state of affairs and plan for the future.

Facilitating inspiring and soulful meetings

How many times have you walked out of a meeting thinking “what a waste of time that was”? Too often people approach meetings with cynicism. They show up in body but not in spirit. All that matters is that their own agenda is fulfilled. Most meetings share the same characteristics ~ lots of talk; no decisions taken; no clear accountability… in short – nothing gets done.

The key to successful meetings is … you guessed it … inspiration. Why? Because when people are inspired, they’re engaged. Hiring Leadership for Wellbeing to facilitate your next strategic meeting means you no longer have to worry about non-productive meetings. Our approach to meeting facilitation unleashes the creativity of people to solve complex problems while satisfying their desire to contribute and be engaged.

Our approach is an integral one, ensuring that all four critical quadrants of engagement are (a) established (b) strengthened and (c) realized!

Critical Quadrants of Engagement