Mindful Coaching

Mindfulness-Based Coaching

Executive Coaching

Whether you are at the head of a large organization or of your own business, or an executive, leading can be at times challenging. We all have heard that “it’s lonely at the top”. Having someone totally objective to speak to openly and safely provides you the support you need to continue developing yourself as an inspiring and compassionate leader and to continue to achieve greater business results.

Leadership and executive coaching helps you gain clarity of what is important to you and your company, and supports you in your professional and personal development.

Through confidential one-on-one conversations, we look at where you are today and what kind of leader you want to become. We stand by you when you question your abilities as a leader and offer other perspectives. We help you develop your vision for your organization and identify the values and guiding principles that will create inspiring and happy organizations that translate into prosperous business results.

Coaching is more than just a conversation. Coaching is also about spurring you into action. Armed with a strong self development plan, your goals and objectives are clearly defined and your intention to realize your leadership potential firmly supported. If developing yourself as an inspiring leader and developing an organization with heart and soul is important to you, then contact us for a confidential 30 minutes sample coaching session.

Personal effectiveness and self-leadership

When you feel driven professionally to achieve, it is often easy to forget your personal life. Yet, without living a fulfilling life outside of the office, leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals may feel a certain emptiness that may be difficult to understand. In some cases, it may even lead to burn out.

Personal effectiveness and self-leadership coaching assists you in ensuring that you live an integrated life and increase your own personal wellbeing – you discover what’s important to you, you live your values at home and the office, you practice some form of self-care, and learn to deal with the “Hungry Ghost”, the one that keeps thinking you’ll be happy when you achieve …(fill the blank!) You also learn to bring all your organizational skills to your personal life so you can live an efficient, aligned, integrated and happy life both at the office and at home. If that sounds like something you’ve been yearning for or you’ve reached the point where you’re starting to think,” is that all there is?”, then contact us for a confidential 30 minute sample coaching session.

Coaching for executive and professional women

You are an ambitious woman who wants to move up the corporate ladder. You’ve finally made it and as exciting as it is, it’s also chock full of new challenges.

Do you wish you had someone to talk to who would listen to you without judgment, someone who understands your trials and tribulations? Having reached a senior management level, leadership is an exciting experience yet at times it can be difficult. Historically corporations have been run and managed by male executives. Women in executive positions often adopt an attitude that is radically different than who they are. Ever wondered why?

Leadership coaching for executive and professional women supports you in bringing more of yourself to your position, in feeling more satisfied and less stressed, in increasing your well-being and in developing yourself as a strong, inspiring leader. Together, we assess your strengths and explore how you can leverage them. We develop a plan of action that addresses issues – whether they are personal or professional – that you need to work on. If you want to be the leader you know you can be without giving up who you are, then contact us for a confidential 30 minute sample coaching session.