Who We Are

What’s driving us?

What’s driving us is an intense desire to make the world AND the work environment a better, happier place. We believe that everyone has the desire to be happy and the ability to be compassionate. We also believe that organizations and leaders are ready to shed the old model of leadership for one that truly embraces the human spirit; one where value is more than just profits.

Why happiness and mindfulness in the workplace?

For the simple reason that happiness is a basic human need.  People are spending more time than ever working. When employees are unhappy, stressed, kept in the dark, not recognized for their contribution, or are not allowed to fully bring their spirit and be who they are, their productivity will inevitably suffer, and this impacts revenues and profits. But when leaders of organizations lead from the heart and engage their soul in creating a culture of mindfulness and inspiration for everyone around them, revenues and profits soar.  So why would you not want your employees (and yourself) to be happy?

Elizabeth Skronski, Principal

Elizabeth Skronski is a speaker, trainer, coach and faculty in the Applied Mindfulness Program, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto. She holds a B.A. in clinical psychology from McGill University and has completed courses towards an MBA while working in Charlotte, N.C. After many years in the corporate environment, she is now a Certified Personal and Executive Developmental Coach. Elizabeth is also a certified facilitator in Meditation, Transformative Mindfulness, and the Five Tibetan Yoga’s, Laughter Yoga and is a facilitator of the 16 Guidelines for Life (www.16guidelines.org). Elizabeth is on the International Training and Accreditation Advisory Board for the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom. Finally, she is a Certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator and is certified in the Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation assessment

Elizabeth specializes in coaching, consulting and facilitating companies deliver strong and sustainable business results by integrating the fundamental principles of mindfulness in the workplace. Her passion for leadership, both at the organizational and personal level, helps and supports her clients achieve personal and professional goals with greater purpose, meaning, happiness and less stress, using proven transformational mindfulness methodologies and Higher Ground Leadership® principles. She is also the co-founder of Lightworks for Well Being, a company dedicated to helping people bring more well-being to their lives.

Elizabeth coaches executives, managers, business owners as well as individuals from diverse industries and backgrounds, including non-profit, government agencies, consulting, manufacturing, transportation, health and wellness, and financial sectors. Her ability to listen and ask questions in a compassionate yet challenging way brings her clients to new levels of awareness and personal development. Her inspirational yet practical articles have been published in various magazines.